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Self Managed Super Fund Borrowing

Are you looking at SMSF borrowing?

Our Chief Executive Officer and SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM Andrew Frith has specialist experience with self managed super fund borrowing.  There are many businesses promoting SMSF borrowing and the buyer must be cautious.  There are a variety of SMSF considerations for the trustees looking at self managed super fund borrowing strategies to decide upon when buying property or borrowing through a superannuation fund.

The rules for self managed super funds borrowing are strict and it is important that you speak with a professional self managed super fund borrowing specialist. We recommend that you use a SPAA accredited SMSF Specialsit AdvisorTM.

Please feel free to call our team in order to receive our many fact sheets about property investment within a self managed super fund and the requirements of borrowing within a SMSF.  We have vast experience helping to establish self managed super funds for property investment and administration, accounting and auditing for such funds.  We can also help to review your SMSF strategy to help identify the best percentage of the super funds assets in your superannuation, the taxation issues, property types, and borrowing requirements.

To discuss the advantages and disadvantages of self managed super funds borrowing please feel free to speak with Andrew Frith with regards to your current situation and the borrowing opportunities that are available to you through a Self managed super funds.

SMSF Borrowing Advice

Please contact our Self Managed Super Funds borrowing expert Andrew Frith by email or call 1300 58 76 73 and speak with our SMSF borrowing experts.

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