Advantages of a Self Managed Super Fund?

SMSF Advantages Include:


Self Managed Super Fund SMSF advantage is It provides maximum control over your superannuation assets and allows you the flexibility to decide how your funds are invested and how the fund will operate.
Investment Choice – a SMSF can be structured to meet the specific needs of members. The fund must have an investment strategy and it can invest in a wide range of investments including property, shares, cash or other assets that suit the investment objectives of the self managed super fund. The whole reason (sole purpose) for a SMSF is to establish a fund to support members in retirement. Opportunities for investment gearing also exist.

Advantages of a Self Managed Super Fund in Tax Concessions

Investing in a self-managed super fund (SMSF) has tax advantages making superannuation a powerful wealth creation strategy.

  • The concessional 15% tax rate applies to income of the self managed super fund, including contributions for which the tax payer has claimed a tax deduction;
  • Capital gains realised on investments held for longer than 12 months are taxed at an effective rate of 10%;
  • Utilising franking credits from dividends and the offsetting of capital losses can lower tax;
  • There is a concessionally taxed end-benefit as well as pension benefits


Estate Planning

A self managed super fund can be structured to be used for efficient estate planning and is a long term multi-generational family benefit






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