SMSF Member Insurance

July 1, 2013


Following changes to the SMSF sector as part of the government’s Stronger Super review measures, SMSF trustees are now required by law to consider the need for insurance cover for members, such as life or disability insurance.

Considering insurance for one or more of its members will come under the SMSFs broader investment strategy, which trustees will need to ‘regularly review’, taking into account the changes in circumstances of the fund and its members. The new legislation does not require an SMSF to obtain an insurance policy on the behalf of its members, but rather demonstrate that the fund has considered insurance as part of its investment strategy.

It is critically important that trustees review their fund’s investment strategy and that all appropriate documentation is maintained to prove that regulations have been complied with. Compliance may be shown either through decisions taken in regards to the fund’s investment strategy, or if there has been no change, then the trustee minutes will show that the required actions have been taken.

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