SMSF Trust Deed

Self Managed Super Fund Trust Deed

One of the first things that is needed for your self managed superannuation fund is a trust deed.  A trust deed is a legal document that sets out the rules for establishing and operating your self managed super fund.  Together with the super laws they form the funds 'governing rules' and detail the powers, duties and responsibilities of the fund's trustees, they also detail the rights of the members.  There are a variety of trust deeds in the market and we strongly advise that for SMSF trust deed you gain the advice of one of our SMSF Specialist Advisors TM.

As an SMSF professional we can help you organise a SMSF trust deed for your fund, and as it’s a legal document, we ensure that it is professionally produced.  Our SMSF trust deeds are considered to be some of the best in the industry and are regularly updated.  Our SMSF Specialist AdvisorsTM attend frequent workshops provided by our specialist SMSF legal firm to ensure we are at the top of our game with regards to legislation and strategies.

The SMSF trust deed covers areas such as:

  • the fund’s objectives
  • who the trustees are
  • who can be a trustee
  • how trustees are appointed or removed
  • who can be a member
  • when contributions can be made
  • how benefits can be paid (pension or lump sum) within SISA requirements
  • when benefits can be paid
  • how to appoint professional advisers (such as an auditor)
  • the procedures for winding up the fund.

With recent and frequent changes to the self managed super fund rules it is important that your trust deed also reflects these.  Our service can also provide you with an automatic SMSF trust deed update.  Speak with Andrew Frith for more information about our self managed super fund trust deed.

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